The first hearing of American John Poulos, who was arrested as the main suspect in the murder of DJ Valentina Trespalacios, was held on Thursday, January 26.

The procedure was held in front of the 26th Municipal Criminal Court of Bogotá. According to the ticket issued by the Panamanian police, after the man was arrested in Panama, where he planned to go to Istanbul on January 24.

According to the authorities, the man would flee to the neighboring country after news emerged that it was his. The young DJ was found in a garbage container in the town of Fontibón.

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Likewise, according to the Forensic Medicine report, it should not be forgotten that the young woman died due to mechanical suffocation, probably due to scars on her body. Similarly, authorities confirmed that he received blows to the head and root of the neck, in addition to blows that left several bruises on his face and lips.

However, for this catch – which is, crimes that aggravate femicide in competition with the crime of concealing, changing, and destroying material evidence- To be legalized, the 33-year-old Texan had to appear before a warranty checking judge who could approve the process.

The session, which was notable for its translation and connection problems, lasted seven and a half hours. read him his rights in Bogotá.

With this in mind, the judge noted that that time began to be counted precisely from his arrest by the Colombian Police, therefore His time in detention by the Panamanian authorities after he was caught at Tocumen airport was not counted, Where they carried out their deportation to Colombian territory.

However, one of the most striking aspects in the defense defences was that, according to his own statement, his client’s “human dignity” would have been violated.

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This was largely attributed to the fact that Poulos apparently no longer had the glasses he was wearing at the time of his capture, along with a cholesterol pill he had to take by prescription. One of the suitcases he was carrying at the Panama airport was allegedly lost during the capture process.

According to the lawyer, John Poulos was carrying two suitcases, one large and one small, at the time of his arrest, but one of them would apparently have gone missing in the process.

“There’s a suitcase that’s invisible with its belongings and notable by its absence,” the defense said, without previously explaining that it really meant the largest suitcase.

Likewise, he stated The D.A. never mentioned the little green suitcase he brought with seven thousand dollars in it. (about 31 million Colombian pesos).

On the other hand, he stated that his suitcases contained the drug ‘Statin’ that he took to regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood and that it would apparently be retained during capture.

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Under these arguments, and supplementing it with the fact that the handcuffs arrested were probably too tight, the defense concluded that the American’s capture should not be legalized.

Yet at last The 59th Judge of the Municipal Criminal Court, Officer to Guarantee Supervision of Bogota, dismissed the defense’s requests and that the maximum time required for his arrest to be legalized had not been exceeded.

“This office is of the opinion that the legal and constitutional presumptions regarding the arrest procedure in this case have been complied with. In light of the foregoing, it has been decided that the legality check of the arrest procedure be given later.”

Regarding the confiscation of property, it was determined that this would be discussed at future hearings, as the judge did not have the authority to determine the lawfulness of the process in question.

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