Yesterday on social networks, especially Twitter and TikTok, Some videos of the “Severo lowly” establishment located in Parque del Perro in Cali went viral. a place waffles offers an emotionally immersive experience.

where you can find Waffles and ice cream in the shape of a penis or vagina. Additionally, those involved tend to exhibit erotic dynamics with clients. However, the video circulating on the internet caused all kinds of comments from internet users.

In the short clip, a woman with an open blouse is seen. The waiter applies the condensed milk to his breast and then licks it.. This caused a few shouts from local diners who seemed excited by this situation.


He also explained that not all requests from customers can be fulfilled at the facilities. “We cannot adapt to the needs or experiences that people want, no. But we have something to offer you about sentimentality,” he said.

Moreover, He explained that minors are not allowed to enter the building and so far they have not received any sanctions or summons.

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On the other hand, one of the store employees speaking to the same national media said, “We have a theme of interest that starts with illness and we have a very pleasant level of humor.”

He also admitted that a situation like the one in the video will never happen again. “It won’t happen again. It was part of a mistake made by one of his co-workers and the truth is I feel compromised and that will not happen again.”he finished.


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Source: Exame

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