Dragon Ball is also known as Power tournament, Power Tournament or Power Tournament. It is a melee battle between eight teams from different universes.where the strength of the participants in general is tested and the erasure of universes begins.

The Contest of Power offered anime fans countless surprises, magical flashbacks, and epic battles. Below, we’ll provide a small compilation of some of the top qualifiers in Universe 7.

He is the leader of Universe 7 and is primarily responsible for the Tournament of Power that takes place.. Goku has taken part in different epic battles, but he is one of the characters who suffered the most during the tournament, including his Jiren or Kefura.

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• Chappil (Universe 9)
• Confrey (Universe 9)
• Bergamo (Universe 9)
• Lavender (Universe 9)
• Basil (Universe 9)
• Cauliflower (Universe 6)
• Castle (Universe 6)
• Rabanra (Universe 2)
• Zarbuto (Universe 2)
• Zircon (Universe 2)
• Arinaza (Universe 3)
• Jiren (Universe 11)

He is the character with the most eliminations after Son Goku. Vegeta encountered a large number of warriors and inflicted significant losses on the warriors of Universe 9. Among his most prominent battles are against Frost, Ribrianne, Jiren or Toppo.


• Hop (Universe 9)
• Hyssop (Universe 9)
• Thyme (Universe 9)
• Bergamo (Universe 9)
• Lavender (Universe 9)
• Basil (Universe 9)
• Prüm (Universe 2)
• Dr. Route (Universe 3)
• Magetta (Universe 6)
• Arinaza (Universe 3)
• Totepo (Universe 11)

The villain is one of the strongest fighters in ‘Dagron Ball Super’. Throughout the game, the rest of the lathe had another purpose that caused confusion among their enemies.


• Murichim (Universe 10)
• Jimeze (Universe 2)
• Frost (Universe 6)
• Kyabe (Universe 6)
• Arinaza (Universe 3)
• Dypso (Universe 11)
• Jiren (Universe 11)

Android 18 was one of the most qualifying entrants for Universe 7. This battle was able to defeat Ribrianne, the leader of Universe 2. One of those characters who wasn’t eliminated by another warrior, instead sacrificing himself to prevent his twin brother from leaving the battle.


This character is the winner of the Power Contest. Android 17 made a huge contribution to Universe 7, and stood out as a skilled, intelligent and above all generous person in battle. Likewise, his speed and stamina gave him a clear advantage over most warriors who joined him.


• Vikal (Universe 2)
• Kakunsa (Universe 2)
• Rozie (Universe 2)
• Damon (Universe 4)
• Arinaza (Universe 3)


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