Linda Caicedo’s women’s debut at home to Real Madrid was not ideal. The Colombian jewel, who already knew how to score with the Merengue jersey, retired this Saturday after being injured in his team’s match against Tenerife for the Spanish League. And she did it after she burst into tears.

(Shocking: Linda Caicedo: Heartbreaking crying alarms go off after her injury in Madrid).

Caicedo started with his team as a startup. And although he started from the left wing, the movements of the young figure of the Colombian National Team were all over the field. His participation in the middle of a tight defensive block seemed to herald some scoring opportunity.

But in the 30th minute, in the middle of his team’s attack, the Colombian reached the edge of his opponent’s wide court in search of the ball. on that side, Clash with Venezuelan defender Veronica Herrera left him lying on the floor.

(Right then: Linda Caicedo: Check out the game that injured her in her match against Real Madrid).

Apparently, according to the signs of pain, the blow must have come from the level of the back.

Caicedo immediately sought medical attention. And to the applause of the people of Madrid, he stepped back to join in.

The seconds later counted, he returned to the field to try to continue. However, the pain forced him out of the game around the 34th minute. Her crying said it all.

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So far, no further details about the severity of Caicedo’s injury are known.

Real Madrid lost 0-1.


Source: Exame

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