International higher education research firm QS Quacquarelli Symonds published its thirteenth edition today. QS World University Rankings by Subject, which creates a list of the world’s top university programs in different disciplines.

On this occasion, Colombia has 20 programs classified among the world’s top 100 programs in their respective fields. (an increase compared to 2022 when it was announced. It is also the fourth highest performing country in Latin America. In addition, its 7 programs are among the top 50 programs in the world.

The 2023 edition of the QS World University Rankings by Programs provides independent data on the performance of 124 programs from 15 universities in Colombia. Of the total classified programs in Colombia, 39 improve, 20 decline, and 56 remain unchanged, meaning an overall improvement percentage of 15 percent. Also, 9 programs are classified for the first time.

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The National University of Colombia is the strongest institution in Colombia overall, with 31 degree programs.Universidad de los Andes, which ranks 28 programs but has the most programs out of 100, is followed by Mining and Mining Engineering, which ranks 24th, 6 of which are in the top 100 in the world, and Mining and Mining Engineering ranks 24th in the country. Best in Colombia with 9.

Universities with ten or more degree programs, The Universidad de los Andes has the highest program density among the top 100 in Colombia, with 32 percent of its programs at this level.

Law is the strongest career in Colombia. Three of the total of the top 100 programs are Law. Universidad de los Andes ranks 40th, Externado de Colombia Universidad 52nd, and Universidad del Rosario 94th.

mining engineering

– National University of Colombia (24 worldwide)

Petroleum Engineering

– Santander Industrial University – UIS (37)

– Colombian National University Petroleum engineering (43)

– Andes University Petroleum engineering (51-100)

development work

– University of the Andes (39)


– University of the Andes (40)

– University of Externado de Colombia (52)

– University of Rosario (94)

Modern Languages

– University of the Andes(47)

– National University of Colombia (66)

– Pontifical University of Javeriana (83)


– Colombian National University (49)

– University of the Andes (51-100)

Accommodation and tourism

– University of Externado de Colombia (51-100)

Political science and international studies

– University of the Andes (51-100)


– University of the Andes (51-100)


– Colombian National University (51-100)

civil Engineering

– University of the Andes (51-100)


– Colombian National University (85)

Business Administration

– University of the Andes (88)

Ben Sowter, QS Senior Vice President, said: “Since the turn of the century, Colombia has experienced a period of strong economic growth with steady improvement in education, reflected in this year’s program rankings when it was affirmed as a regional power in higher education”.

“However, historic budgetary constraints and ensuing protests continued to hinder Colombia’s progress. The continued emphasis on selective investment, research and international cooperation should ensure Colombia’s recent positive trajectory.”

Arts and Humanities

Harvard University

Life Sciences and Medicine

Harvard University

Engineering and Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Natural Sciences

Harvard University

Social Sciences and Management

Harvard University

Art and Design

Royal College of Art

Computer Science and Information

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Civil and Structural Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Harvard University


Harvard University


Harvard University


Source: Exame

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