Doctors in England couldn’t believe what they were experiencing. a patient who was hospitalized in a hospital in that country lost his vital signs for more than 5 minutes and was revived through various intervention processes.

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The man said he felt he was about to die and could see how his body was separated from his soul. He knew at that moment that he was about to die.

The incident occurred after several interventions by Hill. After last January, he had to enter a specialist operating room to operate on an unresponsive heart valve.

At the time, the 55-year-old man He lost 65 kg of his normal weight and started to suffer from calcilaxis as a result of his slight recovery.A disease in which calcium builds up in small blood vessels in fat and skin tissues.

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According to doctors, This pathology can cause the accumulation of painful blood clots and ulcers. and this can cause bleeding and bleeding when they burst.

In Hill’s case, painful blisters appeared in the leg area and immobilized him for a few days.

However, the moment that caught the attention of many and was recorded by the international media ‘Mail Online’, The man describes how he felt when doctors at a hospital in England brought him back to life for more than 5 minutes.

At Derby Royal Hospital, Hill described his experience: “I wasn’t looking down on my body, but I was separate from my body.”

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In addition, Said it wasn’t true that there was a light, as has been said on other occasions, but you feel a lot of peace.

“I was like in the spirit realm, I was aware of what was going on, but I was very peaceful.” The man, currently recovering at home, commented.


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