This Movistar Gold League Fiber It is the official tournament of the famous strategy video game. “League of Legends” (LOL)) in Colombia, where eight of the country’s top teams face each week and score points.

The top six groups with the highest scores in the competition securing their place to compete in the playoffs, Everything must be played for to rank seventh and eighth. playoffs and so come back with other teams competing in the national cup.

This challenge organized by Professional Video Game League- LVP, The highest esports event in Spain was developed with great success and closed the official tournament of the video game developed by Riot Games with a show.

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The group ‘Fuego’ received the title of champion of Colombia and had the opportunity to participate in the competition. Regional League NorthStarting from now on, he will compete with winning teams from Central America and the Caribbean. 11 May.

“We are delighted to have taken this important step in competitive League of Legends in Latin America. It’s time to bring the best of our national leagues into two regional competitions“, LVP CEO Jordi Soler said in a statement.

In the match, which stunned the spectators and fans, the players, ‘Fire’ they took advantage “Zeus King” with a resounding 3-0 that Fibra Movistar was crowned as the champion team of Gold League 2023.

It is a remarkable situation because they have won 8 championships in a row and caused the defeat of the one who is thought to be the king of the tournament.

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A meeting that undoubtedly left many surprises and marked a tremendous conclusion for LVP Country Manager María Cristina Forero.

“This was a tremendous final. The heroes of our league were teams that continue to glorify, strengthen and contribute to the growth of the league. eSports in Colombia. We are a consolidated and well-known industry in the region.”

In this 2023 version, it sponsored the tournament in collaboration with other organizations such as telecommunications company Movistar, Alkosto-Ktronix, Logitech G, Snickers Peanut Brownie, Aorus and EL TIEMPO Editorial House.


Source: Exame

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