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The best Xbox Series X and Series S accessories you can buy


The problems faced by the latest generation of consoles are not foreign to almost anyone, and they lie in the fact that it is very, very difficult to buy a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, the two most powerful consoles at the moment.

This has opened up opportunities for others, such as the Nintendo Switch itself or the Xbox Series S, which have a lot of stock and is also much cheaper, at less than 300 euros.

The strength of Game Pass and its catalog of games make it a very attractive option, while supply issues that have been going on for several years have been resolved.

Whether you’re lucky enough to own an Xbox Series X or choose a Series S, there are accessories and services to complement and enhance your experience.

We have prepared a list with those that are needed and others that you may need depending on what kind of gamer you are.

  1. additional controller
  2. Expansion card or hard drive
  3. Gaming chair or bean bag chair?
  4. Headphones with microphone for online games
  5. Game Pass Ultimate, Ultimate Key

A control for playing in local co-op or an enhancement that is enabled

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller


There are several options for adding an additional controller to your Xbox, whether they are official or not. It depends on what exactly you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to spend, although it’s clear that the goal is often to play with another person locally.

However, there is a high-end Microsoft Elite Series 2 controller. This means that this is a better controller than the one that comes with the console and is recommended for all kinds of games, be it shooters, RPGs or any other genre. Of course, its price is well over 100 euros.

There are other alternatives, some of them at bargain prices in almost any store.

  • Xbox PowerA Wired Controller
  • Official Microsoft controller for Xbox
  • Xbox Elite Series 2

Internal storage expansion: at least two options

Seagate Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S

The 512GB that the Xbox Series S and TB Series X have for internal storage might mean little if you’re installing games rather than playing them in the cloud, so it’s time to expand their capacity.

The most recommended way to do this is with the official Microsoft expansion card, which adds an extra 1TB at a price of 200 to 300 euros. It’s not cheap, but it’s fully approved and supported by the console manufacturer, and that makes the difference.

The alternative is to use an old-fashioned external hard drive, much cheaper since up to 4 TB costs much less than 100 euros.

Chair or pouffe: you choose

Puff Gamer 8bit

Depending on where you play and how you like to play, this will be where you put your butt. If, for example, you’re playing on the TV in the living room, it’s fine to do it while sitting at home on the couch, but if you prefer a monitor, it’s most often done in a gaming chair.

Luckily, there are plenty to choose from, with a strong gaming puff appearance, with several models that are very much worth it.

Obviously, there are many more models of gaming chairs on sale, both from the mainstream brands we all know and from other stores like IKEA that sell several models for a very good price.

Headset with microphone

Razer Gaming Headset



Having good gaming headsets is important for everyone, as they greatly improve the sound quality, but if they also have a good microphone, this is important for users who usually play online.

In multiplayer games, especially cooperative or team games, communication with other people is the key to success, which is why almost all brands sell their gaming headsets.

The official ones from Microsoft for Xbox are not at all expensive and worth it, although there are many more of them.

  • HyperX cloud stinger
  • Logitech G435
  • HyperX Cloud Alpha
  • Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Xbox Edition

Ultimate Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass


While technically not an accessory but a service, having an Xbox and not having Game Pass Ultimate doesn’t make much sense, as its catalog has every Microsoft exclusive from day one, on top of hundreds of additional titles.

It is a catalog of many carats with all kinds of games of all genres and without the need to install many of them, because thanks to the xCloud project you can play them in the cloud from any device, including your console.

Its price is 12.99 euros per month, although there are shops like Eneba that sell it much cheaper.

Source: Computer Hoy

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