President Gustavo Petro apologized this Thursday morning for posting it on his Twitter account yesterday. It has been claimed that children lost in the forests of Guaviare have been found.

After the president shared this information, there was complete uncertainty in the country, because No authority – neither the Military Forces nor the ICBF – has verified that the minors actually existed.

Even FF sources. mm. They told this newspaper that they did not know where the information shared by the head of state came from.

(We recommend: Gustavo Petro deleted the trill in which he reported that 4 children were found)

Since the information provided by the ICBF could not be verified, I decided to delete the trill. I’m sorry for what happened. “The Military Forces and indigenous communities will continue their tireless quest to deliver the news it expects to the country,” President Petro said in a statement on his social media account.

He later said: “Right now there is no priority but to keep looking until we find them. Children’s lives are the most important thing.”

On May 1, Civil Aviation reported that a small aircraft carrying three adults and four young children covering the Araracuara-San José del Guaviare route had declared an emergency due to an apparent engine failure. It was learned that the last known location at that time was 175 kilometers south of San José del Guaviare on the Apaporis River.After 16 days of intense searching, authorities found the plane in the village of Palma Rosa, in the rural area of ​​Caquetá’s Solano municipality.

“After more than 370 hours of uninterrupted search, yesterday, Monday, May 15, 2023, the Cessna 206 aircraft, registered HK 2803, was found, which was reported missing while following the Araracuara route on Monday, May 1. – San José del Guaviare,” Aerocivil said.

But days earlier, it was reported that the bodies of the adults on board were found: pilot Hernando Murcia Morales, Herman Mendoza Hernández, and 32-year-old Magdalena Mcutuy Valencia, mother of four young children still missing.

On 17 May, hope arose from statements by Aerocivil Director of Air Navigation, Colonel Juan José López, who reported that the minors were believed to be trying to find a way to get off the plane and survive for several days. In addition, objects were found that became key clues in the ongoing and pending search for the country.

Aura Saavedra

Source: Exame

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