Since 2021 it has been known that Whats up It’s working on the arrival of Communities that will match what other messaging apps like Telegram have to offer. While waiting for the development of the new option to complete, something new was discovered about it: how the interface will look in the Android operating system.

Thanks to a posted image, you can see the structure that Communities will have in Google’s development, currently the most widely used worldwide. It seems that on the headband, where you can see the different sections that can be used in WhatsApp – such as calls or traditional chats – access to the new function will be located in the access to the new function section. left… thus replacing the existing camera.

In this way, it is expected that either a new location to take photos or record videos or a way to access the use of this item will be found. The fact is that this is not unreasonable, because again in Telegram, for some time they have been offering access to the bar where messages are written, and the truth is that this possibility is as convenient as it is intuitive to use. will have to see surprise Here’s what they’ve prepared on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp communities interface on Android


More details of Communities on WhatsApp

Since it makes sense to think, the first thing to see in the central area is the possibility of creating a new Community, to be able to see it later. everything it’s in (whether it is their own or created by other users). As for the functionality that will be available, there isn’t much reliable information about it, but many believe it will be similar to what Discord currently offers. In other words, there will be many options when it comes to communication and even, pools your video with the people in the group. This is very daring, because we are talking about an application whose central axis is messaging.

What seems pretty obvious is that there will be additional management tools for those who coordinate communities for a specific period of time. best management from inside. Thus, for example, it will be possible to silence those who do not respect the rules and expel those who do not comply with the rules. By the way, anything related to drawing options in WhatsApp can be very helpful here as they can focus on chats or shared images.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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