‘Rainbow Six’ is a successful Ubisoft franchise that stands out in the competitive world with ‘Siege’ coming soon to mobile phones. This was reported by the company on Tuesday.

Ubisoft announced in an official statement: “Our team is working on a new game called Rainbow Six Mobile. We highly value this project and are happy to share more details about our game in this first blog post.”

However, this franchise with infiltration, breaking scenarios and team mechanics is not limited to side combat. The company has recently launched ‘Subtraction’ in which a group of three plays on the computer.

The story is simple: an alien species invades the planet, creates hives in different places and captures humans. In addition to rescuing civilians and agents, the mission is to infiltrate these three-zone scenarios and destroy enemy bases.

The difficulty increases as you progress through each region. Health does not regenerate, so each hit taken is decisive in the quest. Additionally, players can only be revived once per match. Then a gel coats the agent, and it’s up to his companions to save him. If you don’t, will be disabled for the player until the operator is rescued in the mission.

These components, which are decisive in the course of the games, invite every player to join their team if they do not want to inflict casualties and if they want to complete all the missions for each map, so that it is not limited to just a multiplayer game. experience, but really collaborative.

Again, Sticking together and shooting in all directions is not enough. strategy is also necessary and the use of each character’s unique abilities if you really want to survive the alien threat.

Rainbow Six Extraction’ is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. Additionally, it’s playable via Xbox Game Pass and cloud services like Stadia and Luna.

Game owners can invite two friends to join for 14 days without needing to purchase the game.

Source: Exame

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