Ubisoft’s most popular game ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ has finally been announced for mobile.. Previously, the famous game was only available for consoles and computers.

Ubisoft announced in an official statement:Our team is working on a new game called Rainbow Six Mobile. We highly value this project and are happy to share more details about our game in this first blog post.”

Despite beyond that there is no clearer date for launch will be in 2022The company announced that it has a dedicated team that works on the design of the mobile version and all the necessary graphics and elements to create an incredible experience for its followers from mobile phones.

There are other games that have been made into mobile versions and are very successful. ‘Call of Duty’Announcing its entry into Android and Apple stores with an application on mobile phones in 2019.


In addition, the company assures that although there are aspects that need to be changed to accommodate small mobile phone screens, such as the graphics quality of the video game, it will also have advantages such as allowing you to customize it. Use the sensitivity and pressure of the touch screen for the benefit of mobile control and gameplay.

same way, Invitation to Ubisoft’s ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ followers Keep using the PC version“We know that a close match of Siege on the big screen is nothing like an adrenaline rush or the precision of a mouse and keyboard,” they share.

For now, will start testing the game with Real and live players via Discord, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter this way, it’s the fans themselves who can comment on possible improvements to the app before the final launch.


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Source: Exame

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