The possible Apple Watch for extreme sports could be closer thanks to a patent registered today.

Apple Watch is a device. It will help users to do various sports activities., some in the water. Apple Watch Series 3 and later are waterproof and allow people to swim in shallow waters or pools.

The same Apple states that its device is not suitable for some extreme activities like surfing or professional diving, but that may change in the future. According to a patent application published today, Apple will launch an Apple Watch for extreme sports.

Apple Watch for extreme sports could be real

In mid-2021, Bloomberg reported that Apple would launch a new Apple Watch. Designed for extreme athletes or hikerswith a new structure and technologies:

Apple is considering expanding its Apple Watch models with a new model that will focus on athletes, extreme climbers, and hikers. The body of this watch will have a robust design that is shockproof and a protective exterior similar to the Casio G-Shock series.

Extreme sports on Apple Watch

Apple was about to launch a new Apple Watch that will let you dive or surf.

The so-called ‘Apple Watch Adventure’ It wasn’t announced at the September 2021 Apple event as Bloomberg mentioned, but the rumor resurfaced today because Apple applies for new patent registration.

In this new patent application published by the US government, Apple requests the registration of a new ‘waterproof device’:

Portable devices are required to maintain increasingly stringent reliability requirements, such as exposure to dust, sand or other debris. Gel-filled sensors have been used to overcome these requirements, but are susceptible to pressure errors due to orientation accuracy and capillary pressure errors due to water on the gel surface. The present disclosure refers to sensor technology in general and not exclusively to a stand-alone water detector.

Apple will request registration of a new device that supports water ingress According to the waterproofing scale seen in high-end sports equipment whose measurement is in the atmosphere or in the ATM. Devices currently focused on extreme sports use this scale:

  • 5 ATM for pool diving
  • 10 ATM for surfing, snorkeling, rafting.
  • 20 ATM for sport diving

Although the patent does not exactly mention a new Apple Watch model, it does not yet specify the ATM number that the device will have. What Apple is a new isolation technology that will sign upbut its description coincides with the ‘Apple Watch Adventure’ that Bloomberg leaked a year ago.

Of course it’s a patent and may not come to light or switch to another technology. But the idea of ​​a new Apple Watch model for extreme sports is getting clearer.

Source: i Padizate

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