One of the best options when it comes to streaming music is Spotify. It’s true that there are other alternatives like Tidal or Apple Music that offer better sound quality, but in terms of content, no one can compete. More than anything, because the catalog of available songs Spotify is almost endless.

Also, they are gradually implementing new functions to improve Spotify’s functionality. They even recently added a new tool that lets you see the lyrics of some songs.

A very interesting element to learn more about the themes of your favorite artists. Even though it’s what you want use Spotify as karaoke, that you know it is a very interesting solution and we invite you to try it.

Like this, You can use Spotify like a karaokeSing your favorite songs with the help of lyrics to amaze your friends with your skills.

The best app to turn Spotify into karaoke Musixmach

We’re talking about an app, Musixmach. You can download it completely free of charge to your Windows or Mac computer, iOS and Android devices. So you don’t run out of options and this allows you to turn Spotify into a karaoke in the simplest way.

In addition, the process is very simple because all you have to do is download the application from the Musixmatch website and install it on your computer. The application is completely free, So you have nothing to lose by trying.

When you do, open the app and you’ll see that the first thing Musixmatch does is ask you what music streaming services you use. You can check the options or just say nothing, as the program will start searching for the app playing the music to show you the lyrics.

This tool has some very interesting options that make a difference to have a good time with your friends and other loved ones. For example, You can choose between seeing only the statement they said or the full letter to better prepare.

Without a doubt, the perfect tool to liven up an evening in good company. Plus, now that the Easter holidays are here, it could be an ideal way to entertain your kids. And considering that Musixmatch is completely free to download, we invite you to try this excellent app. Easily convert Spotify to karaoke.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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