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Coinbase Announces Movie Trilogy of Famous Bored Monkey Club


Yuga Labs, creators of BAYC, they will partner with Coinbase to create a series of three animated short films. Almost a year after its release as a set of 10,000 NFTs, the brand has become a real fad. This film trilogy is a collaboration between two the largest facilities in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

We mentioned this earlier when Justin Bieber joined the trend of these NFTs by paying $1.3 million to portray these stock monkeys. And the fact is that the purchase of the Bored Ape NFT Yacht Club provides club members with exclusive benefits.

The film series produced by Coinbase will be called the Degen Trilogy. Putting it in context a bit and getting it right, degen is a common and often endearing term used to describe someone who buys coins or NFTs without any meaningful research into what they are actually buying.

This is what we see all the time. Just because of the boom of cryptocurrencies in these years, people rush to buy and buy, having no idea what projects are behind this cryptocurrency or about real opportunities to make some money.

The same goes for NFTs. Those with higher purchasing power are rushing to buy these tokens just because it has gone viral.

The characters in the series will naturally be based on Bored Ape-specific NFTs. Holders of these tokens can submit their preferences to the platform so that they can be evaluated and included or not included in the final series. We leave you the trailer below.

A series of short films will be screened at NFT.NYC. NFT convention held in New York every year from June 20th to 23rd.. It will be available later on the Coinbase website (after opening the wallet).

“We have a wonderful group of directors, writers and animators behind this film. says the film’s website Coinbase. “We can’t tell you who they are yet, but you’ve seen what they’ve done before” they add.

Coinbase is currently the third largest wallet in the world by turnover behind others like Binance and on the other hand, BAYC tops the OpenSea NFT charts.

Source: Computer Hoy

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