Learn the basics of your car’s mechanics and recognition through these apps available for iOS mobile phones.

This mechanical This is a complex subject, but so necessary that every human being Basic concepts. We all want the best for our vehicle and we take it to the best shop in the area, but finding a vehicle can be difficult. reliable mechanicso we need to know the basics of mechanics.

One way to learn and better understand the operation of our tool is through multiple applications developed and linked to the tool. engine operating system.

Apps to learn mechanics from iPhone

Learn the basics of your car mechanics and recognition through these apps available for iOS mobile phones

Apps to learn mechanics from iPhone: Top 8

  • ‎Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
  • Where is my OBD2 socket?
  • Learn Mechanics and Physics
  • ‎Engine Link – OBD II diagnostics
  • ‎Physics Phun
  • ‎‎OBD Auto Doctor car scanner
  • ‎‎iOBD2
  • ‎‎EOBD Easy – OBD2 Torque pro

We offer a list in this area. best apps for learning mechanics from iPhone. With these applications you will learn the principles of ideal physics. mechanic students and also get a scan of the engine system in cars.

Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

8 best apps to learn mechanics on iPhone

This app collects a wide variety of mechanical questions asked in real and scheduled interviews. They are ideal for structuring an interview and also for learning about the topic of interest in mechanics.

Where is my OBD2 socket?

8 best apps to learn mechanics on iPhone

One of the easiest ways to test and configure functions in the vehicle system is through the OBD port. OBD connector (On Board Diagnostics) is a system that allows to evaluate all systems and operation of the vehicle via an external computer, to detect faults and to configure them to optimize their functions. However, the fact that the OBD input of each model and brand car is in a different location makes it a little difficult to find it.

Due to this inconvenience, this app was tasked with collecting information and guiding it through written instructions and pictures showing how to easily find the OBD port in each car.

Learn Mechanics and Physics

8 best apps to learn mechanics on iPhone

This is an AI powered education platform where you can easily learn about mechanics and physics. Its servers have quizzes, short videos, and ways to teach through an AI-powered trainer, making your learning experience unique and effective.

By spending just an hour a day practicing, you will quickly become an expert in the field. The application is only available in English.

Engine Connection – OBD II diagnostics

8 best apps to learn mechanics on iPhone

‎Now you can evaluate your car anytime from your iPhone thanks to this very useful app. Although an external computer is needed to access the ODB system and monitor the vehicle’s performance, Engine Connection You can do it directly from your mobile phone. You will get a real-time assessment of the car’s operation, performance and possible malfunctions, change the color of the wallpaper to your favorite or customize the dashboard as you see fit.

Keep track of transmission temperature, acceleration, vacuum gauge and other data reflected in a graph and current faults monitored or recorded in the history to account for faults presented.


8 best apps to learn mechanics on iPhone

Learning the concepts, laws and dynamics in physics can be quite complex if you only study the theory in a book. To assist students in this factor, this app is designed to recreate simulations of motion, gas, electricity, and other physical variables.

This allows students to better and more dynamically understand the interaction and transformation of physics processes. This app is inspired by the work of Carl Weiman and his team at the University of Colorado Boulder on the innovative PhET simulator.

OBD Auto Doctor car scanner

8 best apps to learn mechanics on iPhone

OBD Auto Doctor car scanner It is another great application that connects your mobile device to ODB connector, allows you to scan the entire vehicle system and perform real-time diagnostics on its performance, help you control fuel consumption and save your expenses, as well as control temperature, speed and other systems.

Send and save a record of scans by e-mail or, if you prefer, in cvs format.


8 best apps to learn mechanics on iPhone

Turn your iOS mobile devices into a tool to assess the condition of your vehicle’s engine. It’s common for the MIL or engine light to signal, and we don’t know exactly under what circumstances to seek help, especially when making the decision to continue or stop the vehicle. iOBD2 there will be no problem.

All performance and condition information on the vehicle’s engine can be accessed by connecting mobile devices to the OBD system via bluetooth. Set the app to how you maintain the conditions and handling of your vehicle, whether in sport mode or economy mode, according to the mode you want, by programming alarms to be aware of values, and customizing the dashboard as you wish.

EOBD Easy – OBD2 Torque pro

8 best apps to learn mechanics on iPhone

Scan the OBD system from your mobile phone and have the numbers and performance data translated into a language you understand and stay informed of your vehicle’s status. Take long trips and keep track of the condition of the car and check later.

As you will see, with these applications you will be able to acquire the necessary tools to know the performance status of the cars and detect faults in a timely manner, as well as understand the numbers and learn the physical variables and dynamics dynamically.

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