Taking a screenshot is something that has to be done with a smartphone sooner or later. Whether showing part of an application or showing important data that needs to be shared with others, this is as useful a function as it is easy to achieve. If one iPhonethere is something about what is achieved by default that may not convince you.

What we are talking about is the format in which the resulting image is saved. By default, used PNG although it is a viable option, it is not the best possible option considering everything about its use and compatibility (for example, the files are large in size). Therefore, the possibility of using absolutely jpeg this is something that interests you and we will show you how to get it on Apple phones – in Android it is used by the operating system itself.

JPEG images are better than PNG images.

It all depends on what is needed. first invasion less space, so they are ideal for sharing them via any method, for example messaging apps. In addition, they are very easy to use and compatibility This is perfect. But there is one thing they are much better at. PNG: her quality is much better and may also include acetatesPerfect for use with software like Photoshop.

So, if you consider the above and want to catch up with iPhone in JPEG formatThere are several ways to get it.

Taking photos with iPhone


How to import and share JPEG shots with iPhones

Unfortunately, there are naturally no possibilities and you may not want to install any apps to achieve this. So what you can do is, once you have the PNG capture, start the process of sharing it. air drop. If you do, the image in question will be automatically converted to a JPEG, that’s about it.

But maybe this won’t convince you because of the limitation it contains, so there is another possibility: once you have the screenshot you need, here’s what to do: fix it Being able to save in JPEG format (and thus eliminate PNG). You need to do what we have outlined below:

  • Open the Photos app and select the captured image.
  • Then follow the steps to edit it by cropping or changing the saturation or contrast.
  • Once this is done save it and you can share it as usual if you wish and you will verify that the format is JPEG.

As you see, not particularly complicated but the truth is, it would be ideal if the iOS operating system itself would allow screenshots to be stored in the terminal in JPEG format.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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