Sometimes justice being done leads to very sad consequences; and that artist Ivy Silberstein has restored the rights to a saber-toothed acorn-chasing squirrel in a saga that began with glacial period (2002), the triumph of animation, took it away from us forever. And his latest adventures in six shorts Ice Age: The Misadventures of Scrat (2022).

The miniseries in question represents the last Blue Sky Studios project owned by The Walt Disney Company following its acquisition of 20th Century Fox in March 2019, as it was owned by a now subsidiary of the Mickey Mouse Corporation; and decided to close it in April this year. And, as a result of this and other news, we have soulless Ice Age: Buck’s Adventure (2022).

Directed by newcomer John C. Donkin for the Walt Disney Studios and written by Jim Hecht, William Schifrin and Ray DeLaurentis, this sixth feature film in the franchise lacks the Kaffir wit and any other wit that makes us fall in love with his finest deliveries; and it even seems to be one of the by-products of the second tier company. Pure and sad trash; D without the unforgettable Scrat Already.

Legacy featured in Ice Age: The Misadventures of Scrat

Blue sky studios | Disney+

that premiere The Misadventures of Scratwith Donnie Long ahead, was programmed so close to The Adventures of Buck This contributes to an earlier understanding of the disaster and influences the idea that the small prehistoric animal’s funny tribulations, movie sequences, and short films in which it plays a major role are the highlights of the story. glacial period without a doubt.

Not because the new sextet is what really shines in the saga, but because Scrat herself is the contribution we most appreciate, with this physical humor, mostly visual and silent, inherited from Buster Keaton, Charles Chaplin and classic shorts about Donald Duck, Looney Toons and company; but in its disappointing aspect for the main characters.

And this is what, apparently, it is very funny for us to observe his unsuccessful attempts to get something; and the way they tease each other over and over again. For this reason, whenever a squirrel peeps out glacial period D Ice Age 2: Global Warming (2006), two of the most interesting chapters by Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldaña, and even three others raise the cinematic level by a few whole numbers.

Despite the fact that Ice Age 3: Rise of the Dinosaurs (2009) Ice Age 4: The Formation of Continents (2012) and Ice Age: The Great Cataclysm (2016) result clearly worse to their predecessors. As much as episodes from The Misadventures of Scrat before some previous short films; i.e. cheerful acorns (2002) No time for nuts (2006) especially and Scrat – space disaster (2015).

Known dynamics with less ingenuity

ice age: las desventuras de scrat crítica disney+ blue sky studios
Blue sky studios | Disney+

The concept of the final mini-series about the ill-fated prehistoric beetle doesn’t bring anything new in a franchise. In third length and short Ice Age: Scrat in Love, written by Carlos Saldanha and Mike Thurmeier (2009), faces the woman Scratte in her fight for acorns; and in this case it was the turn of the son he probably had with her. Or the one who adopts because it doesn’t matter.

Baby Scrat, as they wanted to call him, is very much like his father in the obsession that dominates his life; and on the other hand, his imaginary mother in that she surpasses him with her tricks; among which there is no shortage of emotional manipulation to get what is on offer. But anyway, dynamics both are revealed very close to Huey, Dewey and Louie with his uncle Donald Disney shorts.

Except, situational intelligence staging and choreography Ice Age: The Misadventures of ScratAs you might have guessed from what has already been said, minor if we compare it with peak moments. It can be compared with the above Scrat in love oa Scrat’s Continental Collapse (2010); and ahead of the failed sequel to the latter (2011), of course.

The rightful climax of Scrat’s adventures

ice age: las desventuras de scrat crítica disney+ blue sky studios
Blue sky studios | Disney+

However, if during “Nuts About You” (1×01), “X’s and Uh-O’s” (1×03) and “Teeter Toddler” (1×05) we are given recognizable and consistent incidentsone comes across certain arbitrariness in “LoFi Scrat Beats to Sleep/Chill to” (1×02), a clear need for an explanation they don’t give us in “Crazy Thinking” (1×04) and something close to implausible in the great twist of “Nut The End”. (1×06).

Be that as it may, we must acknowledge the final chapter legal colophon how many failed raids our favorite rodent has made in those two decades. As the end (2022) short film which Blue Sky Studios released on the same day as Ice Age: The Misadventures of Scrat to say goodbye, he shows an earlier time; and betrays the Kaffir spirit of history. Beware of this, viewers.

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