A few years ago, it was very science fiction to consider devices with folding screens, but it has been shown that it is entirely possible and also has virtues compared to conventional models. In addition, hp it’s working on its own product, which aims to show that such options mean beyond smartphones.

We’re talking about a team that will close regularly, but it will do so with a team. hinge therefore, it will significantly reduce its dimensions, as it will give up the physical keyboard as we know it at the moment (everything indicates that this component will slide and therefore will not interfere or disturb the folding of the screen). Therefore, we are talking about a completely new design.

What would this HP’s screen look like?

One of the things to explore in this folding notebook from HP is the material the notebook is made of. screen -in your outdoor-. It seems complicated that it’s the same integrated into mobile phones where manufacturers prefer to use ultra-thin video that allows for perfect torsion without breaking. When it comes to computers and considering that the panel will be larger, this may not be the best choice and perhaps, some plastic polymer it may be the most efficient and economical solution (it may be polyimide).

foldable phone screen

telephone house

There would be no big surprises inside as he would use the technology. OLED, which makes sense because it did an excellent job on folding screens and therefore would have been a success for HP. By the way, the source of information indicates that the team will be nothing less than that. 17 inchwill take advantage of the size reduction that will exist—physically reminiscent of eleven-inch models. It is even stated that 10,000 orders have been placed.

Possible market entry

Considering that the screen resolution will be 4K and the hardware is expected to be powerful, but not overdone (using ARM-architecture processors shouldn’t be overlooked, even to get the OS moving) Windows 11), the fact is it’s a good bet that won’t be deprived of the possibility of using a pen and fast Internet access by HP. Is it time for foldable screen laptops? It seems that if…

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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