as advertised, moon knight) has become an open door to much of the Marvel supernatural world. Also in connection with future projects that include the most mysterious layer of ideas La casa de las. But not everything depends on perception in the medium and long term. According to the latest ad Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness there is a connection between the film and Mark Spector’s story. One that could not only bring both stories together, but also ensure that Marvel’s production starts spinning a new thread of stories.

It’s a subtle but defining connection. Several new scenes can be seen in the latest promo for the Doctor Strange sequel. related to Moon Knight. Among them is one that shows Defender Strange very clearly when he shares a short dialogue with America Chavez.

What is special is not the phrases that the characters share, but something more subtle. Analyzing the scene, it can be seen that the magical manifestation surrounding Strange is white. A tonality that has not yet been shown in any of the previous achievements and in which the latest makes a curious accent. In particular, to make it clear that this is not an aesthetic decision and does not involve any secondary effect in the sequence.

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Oddly enough, in the third chapter Moon Knight (Moon Night) the same manifestation of magic could be seen with precise chromatic tonality. And it does not seem that this was the result of chance, much less some kind of random artistic decision. In the series, during the episode showing the meeting of the avatars of different gods, one of the avatars of Osiris can be seen using magic.

Selim (Khalid Abdallah) subdues Khonsha when the moon god tries to attack Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) in an audience with the Moon Knight of the Ennead. Oddly enough, it has the same color tint (and the visual effect is, in fact, identical) as in the clip. Doc Strange 2. A detail that opened up a discussion among fans about the connection that could arise between the film and the series. outside, between both things and medium-term projects involving magical creatures.

Magic in Marvel, a closely guarded secret

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Until now, the wizarding world at Marvel has been shown unevenly and in very specific ways. But it is clear that the study is trying to create connections, visual or story, between different layers of the new story space. Until now, green magic has been seen as part of everything related to time and its functioning. As you remember, it is the color of the stone that controls the flow of time, as well as the one that creates the diagrams of the Eye of Agamotto.

At the same time, purple magic like that used by Agatha Harkness (Katherine Hahn) in WandaVision. And, at least in the series, it ties into the darker and more complex side of Marvel’s supernatural world. Certainly, The scarlet shade of chaos magic used by Wanda Elizabeth Olsen is already known.. As well as some versions in gold and orange as the protective magic of the mages of the Sanctum Sanctorum.

But until now, white magic is completely unknown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The change was unexpected because during the promotion of the Doctor Strange sequel, the Wizard was shown using either red or green magic. Does it have any special meaning for the connections between the films? It doesn’t seem like a random release of the clip according to the chapter moon knight. So we can assume that this is additional information for both the film and the series.

The network of interconnections in Moon Knight

caballero luna 1x03 above the law marvel disney plus crítica
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Over the past few months, the interconnections in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have become much more apparent. In fact, Brian Curtis, executive producer moon knighttalked to ScreenRant about connections between Marvel productions. According to him, not only the lines connecting disparate projects have become more obvious. They also became more complex and consistent lines.

“There are many elements moon knight what we’re excited about at Marvel Studios. But one of the unique aspects of this character is that he brings Marvel Studios back to its Iron Man and Tony Stark roots,” Curtis said in an interview. “This character was clearly created from scratch, and it’s the same with Mark Spector.”

For the producer, it’s about replicating the phenomenon of creating an interconnected universe, such as Early stages of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Only now the main characters will be representatives of a new generation or even completely new characters. And a good example is Moon Knight.

“We fully support the supernatural aspects (at Marvel). From the Egyptian gods and especially from that ruthless Egyptian god Khonshu who manipulates Mark into doing his bidding.” “We all accept it. We love things that come from the night. There is no attachment to the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is brand new and is going on an unknown adventure. We really think the fans will love it.”

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