After the grand declaration of war with which the episode “Father” is associated (7×08) Fear the walking dead (since 2015), the following, “Follow Me” (7×09)begins with one of those dream scenes so rarely seen in AMC zombie fiction, the work of Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson, that feels so alien against the sheer realism of a double apocalypse.

But the truth is that during the immediate, only feverish state, we find the same surrealism, except for the shocking, symphonic and deafening circumstances in which Alicia Clarke, played by Alicia Debnam-Carey, wakes up, one of the few main characters that has continued in the series from the first season. D andMystic what happened until the situation stimulates our curiosity.

On the other hand, as an obvious reference to Paul Warren Snipewhich we even hear in our ears and subsequently voice is the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven in this chapter Fear the walking dead; but we still can’t help but remember Connie, played by Lauren Ridloff in the parent series (since 2010), due to her similar, albeit slightly different condition.

Customs of “Fear the Walking Dead”


When a new survivor we know almost nothing about joins this apocalyptic tale, we wonder if he’s dangerous. As logical distrust what the characters experience in this hostile world is habitually stuck to us viewers. And while we still have a lot to learn about Paul, we hope he’s not the same as Kevin Carroll’s Virgil in the walking Dead.

Why don’t they dare to repeat themselves in the franchise again. Especially yes, in this spin off, they usually introduce different elements. What quite interesting scenarios in human emptiness; from the Mexican hacienda, the Abigail yacht, the Rosarito hotel or the dam to the amusement park, the Wild West city, the USS Pennsylvania submarine or the wrestling ring. And in “Follow Me” the auditorium.

On the other hand, tension explodes when zombies appear between them. Otherwise this show wouldn’t have been called. Fear the walking dead; although it sometimes appears that they include the walking Dead in some episodes What Payment for to fulfill the premise or, well, please audiences who love these unsettling monsters and want to get bloody scenes with them.

Waste of another interesting character with a good climax

fear the walking dead 7x09 follow me crítica amc

A hallucination of Alicia Clarke’s commitment to “Father” with the consequences we see in this chapter directed by Heather Cappiello after “Handle with Care” (6×10), “USS Pennsylvania” (6×15) and “Portrait” (7×07) and, for The Walking Dead: Beyond (2020-2021), “Quatervois” (2×05) and “Who are you?” (2×06), follows a certain narrative line irrational behavior based on dreams.

Before “Follow Me” we found it in the unique “In Dreams” (6×12) also written by Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, showrunners from Fear the walking deadbut with Nazreen Chowdhury. Here, moreover, they use a resource that in recent years we would associate with Stephen Lang’s terrible blind man in Don’t breathe (2016) and its sequel (2021).

In other words, Warren Snipe’s Paul, the deaf performer and rapper who stepped into the shoes of Anaya Birgundi Baker’s father Black Lightning (2017-2021), for example, take advantage of his lack of fighting enemiesa move that is enough to amplify it, and that Angela Kang and her writers didn’t come up with Connie in any other way, so as not to repeat, in the walking Dead.

And just like they did with Demetrius Gross’s charismatic Emile Laroux in The End Is the Beginning (6×01), they spend it in one episode, although he was reinstated with the relationship of Josiah Larue from “Six O’Clock” (7×02). Possibly as a dramatic proper climax, Work. But we are sorry that they do not support and develop it further in Fear the walking dead.

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