A long dispute between the authors of original music Halo D microsoft came to an end like a friend. Thus, a conflict is resolved that shook even the premiere of the Paramount + series based on the popular video game franchise.

The novelty was known for a brief publication on twitter Marty O’Donnell, one of the creators of the soundtrack in question. At the moment, the details of the agreement between the parties are not disclosed, but the expression used by the artist suggests that the agreement satisfied all participants.

“Looks like I can share some of these videos again! Microsoft and O’Donnell/Salvatori Inc. happy to amicably resolve their differences,” the tweet read. It includes a YouTube link with a behind-the-scenes music recording. Halo 2 with Steve Vai.

Marty O’Donnell’s post implies that during the dispute with the Redmonds, he was forced to remove all material from behind the scenes creation of the BSO Halo which has been uploaded to the Internet. “Yes, I should be able to post all these videos related to Halo. Soon. Of course, I need to find them first,” he said in a comment.

At the moment, Microsoft has not made any public statements about this. However, an agreement with composers could be the “lesser evil” for those led by Satya Nadella, given that a further escalation of the conflict could create much more serious problems for the company.

Microsoft and original music creators Halo finally come to an agreement

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In mid-2020, Marty O’Donnell and Mike Salvatori, who co-wrote original music for Halofiled a lawsuit against Microsoft. In it they claimed a corporation for unpaid royalties for the last 20 years and made very strong accusations. They ranged from breach of contract and unlawful interference to unjust enrichment and a number of others.

The artists themselves have indicated that they opted for legal action after a decade of unsuccessfully pressing for the company to acknowledge their debt. Composers claimed that music originally licensed for Bungieresearch that developed Halo and which Microsoft subsequently acquired. However, the people of Redmond were always unaware of the existence of the license agreement and claimed that it was a job for hire.

“It’s always been a license agreement, that’s what we’ve been doing with Halowith original music that was first written and recorded in 1999. We licensed it to Bungie, which Microsoft only bought a year later,” O’Donnell said at the time.

And history seemed to be in limbo until it became known that composers, through their lawyers, were exploring the possibility block the release of the Halo series on Paramount+ with a court order. This novelty was born in February, when a little more than a month remained before the release of the production.

It is quite likely that the threat went into effect, “facilitating” negotiations between the parties involved in the conflict. We will be attentive to see if more news about the agreement between the main characters becomes known in the near future. At the moment the series Halo It has already released its first four episodes (out of 9) and its continuity is assured; In terms of video games, 343 Industries recently confirmed that the second season halo-infinite It will arrive in May after an initial delay.

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