When you switch to a new browser, you naturally want to take your browser’s favorites with you. You can do this by importing it into the new browser you will be using. In this article, we explain how importing browser favorites works in the popular browsers Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

Import favorites to Chrome

First of all, there is Google Chrome. Importing your browser favorites into this web browser is easy and fast. When Chrome opens, click the Chrome menu icon in the top right corner, select the option bookmarks in this menu and then select the option Import bookmarks and settings

Then a new window will open, you have to select the source of the favorites by clicking on the small arrow to expand the available options, namely: FireFox from Internet Explorer or from an HTML file† After the settings are made, click on it. import† Your browser favorites are now imported.

Import favorites to Chrome

Microsoft Edge has a similar functionality, so here too you can import your browser favorites from another browser. To do this, open Microsoft Edge and Settings and more (three dots) at the top of the window. then choose Favorites, Import† Here you choose whether you want to import favorites from another browser or from a saved HTML file.

Once you have made your selection, select the file you want to import. You’ll see a notification when the import is complete. choose Ready† If you imported from a file, the imported favorites will be in a folder in the toolbar. Favorites† folder called Imported

Import favorites into Firefox

It is also possible to import favorites in Mozilla Firefox. To do this, go to the menu button and click the menu button to open the menu panel. click bookmarks and then click on the bar manage bookmarks below. at the window Library click now Import and backup and select your data from another browser.

Then a window will open where you can select the browser with the favorites. Select the browser containing the bookmarks or other data and proceed to the next screens to complete the import.

Now you know how to quickly and easily transfer your browser favorites to a browser of your choice. Whether you’re using Chrome, Edge or Firefox, you can get to work quickly.

Source: Computer Totaal

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