You may have multiple tabs open each day in Chrome or Firefox. Here are some sites you love to keep close at hand. And if it doesn’t slow down your computer too much, why not? But then comes the moment when you accidentally close the window. So what are you doing? Fortunately there are options, you can restore tabs as follows.

You are probably familiar with the Ctrl + Shift + T shortcut that opens a closed tab. Did you know you can also use this shortcut to get the entire window back? Try it: Open some tabs with websites and then close the whole window. Hit the combination and see what happens.

In principle this is always a good option to go back if you accidentally close a window. But what if that doesn’t work? We will first consider the option you have for Google Chrome, and then pay attention to the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Chrome: Get Tabs

If you accidentally close a Chrome window with many tabs, you can get them all back from the menu. Press the three dots on the right of the screen and select the button Date† Hover your mouse cursor over History until a new menu appears with recently closed tabs.

When you close a window by itself, Chrome saves in tabs which websites are open. You can tell this by the fact that there is a line between the options showing that x number of closed tabs are grouped together. Click on it and indicate that you want to restore the entire window. Chrome does the rest for you.

These options are also available for other Chromium browsers such as Edge and Opera. Options for restoring such a window may be in a slightly different location; but in any case you will find them under the heading History.

Firefox: Reopen Window

Unfortunately, Firefox gives you a little less leeway when you accidentally close a collection of tabs. Open the menu you will find in the top right (those three lines). Go to the header which gives you access to the option for your history and recently closed windows. There you will find the last three windows you closed.

You can’t see exactly which websites are covered, so you may have to guess exactly which row you need to pick. But if you really just closed a window, you should probably have the top window. Finally, there is an option that lets you open all closed windows at once; So if in doubt, you can always gamble on it.

Source: Computer Totaal

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