An app lets you use your iPad and Apple Pencil for drawing and design work on a Windows PC.

A powerful app aimed at designers has just received one of the most anticipated updates as it has just rolled out. computer compatibility and lets you use an iPad as a graphics tablet on Windows.

Astropad Studio is one of the most popular apps among designers and digital artists. this great tool lets you connect your Mac and iPad to work together. Its aim is to provide artists with a second screen where they can work by touch with all the possibilities offered by business applications. combining the best of both devices.

Last year, Astropad Studio released a PC-powered beta, with over 70,000 downloads from users looking to get started on a Windows PC. Now, the version with this important innovation has arrived. formal.

It’s been a long time and today we are happy to announce that Astropad Studio for Windows is finally here! 🥳

First of all, we would like to thank our Project Blue (Studio beta) contributors for their feedback and support over the past year. It’s incredible that we’ve come this far in such a short time, and we couldn’t be more excited to share Astropad Studio for PC with you!

Astropad Studio Windows

Astropad Studio has released an update that adds support for Windows

Astropad Studio compatible with Windows

News Here are the ones announced by the developers and officially coming with this release:

  • Windows Support – All Astropad Studio subscribers can now use and switch between Mac and Windows machines using the same iOS app.
  • New core application architecture supporting both Mac and PC (things went well if Mac users didn’t notice something changed)
  • Lots of performance improvements and bug fixes especially for PC users.

The difference between the screen mirroring application and Astropad Studio is that not only does it offer a second monitor, but the Astropad Studio software is designed to work with what they call it. “full workspace customization” basically facilitating the artist, professional or designer Work with desktop apps on your computer, adding what only the Apple Pencil and iPad combination can offer.

  • Magic moves to quickly switch vehicles
  • Custom pressure and softening curves
  • Unlimited shortcuts per app

Now that you know about Astropad Studio, you can check out all the information about this new Windows compatible update on its official blog. And if you want to expand your knowledge and enter this world of drawing and digital design, you can learn to draw from your iPhone with some great apps.

Source: i Padizate

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