It seems incredible, but in 2022 it is still being discussed that the iPhone will be sold without a charger in the box. Brazilian judge Wanderlei Caires Pinheiro ruled that Mansana pay compensation to the client who complained about this situation after buying an iPhone 11 in March 2021 and found that it does not have a wall adapter. In addition, he believes that Cupertino’s representatives have turned to practices that are “illegal and offensive.”

financial compensation 5000 reais, just under $1,100, as stated in an official document from the judiciary. According to the judge’s findings, the charger is a “necessary part” for the iPhone to function properly; and also assured that the American firm violates local consumer protection laws.

As of now, Apple hasn’t spoken publicly about this legal setback, but the truth is that it’s setting a precedent that can be nasty. In the end, this could open the door to more dissatisfied customers who could claim financial compensation from the company run by Tim Cook.

Another interesting detail of what was revealed by Judge Caires Pinheiro is that he dismissed the main argument used by Cupertino representatives to no longer include a charger in the box with every new iPhone: protecting the environment. “A statement that such a measure aims to reduce environmental impact Doesn’t make sensebecause the defendant continues to manufacture such a necessary accessory, only now selling it separately,” he said.

The iPhone charger controversy is nothing new in Brazil.

In October 2020, Apple announced that the iPhone 12 would not come with a charger. This measure was later extended to previous models still in production, such as the iPhone 11, XR, and SE, and has been maintained with the launch of the iPhone 13 in 2021. And this strategy will be repeated in the future. certainly.

It’s true that the decision earned the California firm some early ridicule at the time, but companies like Samsung and Google followed suit. Thus, in addition to business and environmental issues, today those who are from Cupertino cannot return in their footsteps.

But Brazil has been an area of ​​concern for Apple ever since it decided to stop including a charger with every new iPhone. An American company has been fined $2 million for selling an iPhone 12 without a wall adapter; and the body responsible for consumer protection laws planned to do the same after the launch of the iPhone 13.

In the most recent case faced by Cupertino’s representatives on this matter, Apple must not only pay 5,000 reais in compensation for the “damages” ordered by Judge Caires Pinheiro. also required free shipping of compatible charger with an iPhone model purchased within a maximum period of 10 days; if they do not comply, they will add a daily fine of 100 reais, up to a maximum of 10,000 reais.

The magistrate’s ruling was issued on April 12, so if it’s not already implemented, Apple has a deadline to comply with it.

Source: Hiper Textual

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