After recognizing the clothes she wore the day she disappeared, Debanhi’s father, Mario Escobar, denounced irregularities in the search; however, the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office in Mexico has not yet confirmed the identity.

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Mr. Mario Escobar is confident that the body found in the abandoned cistern a few meters from the Nueva Castilla motel in the municipality of Nuevo León, Escobedo is Nuevo León. Debanhi Susana Escobar.

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After noticing the clothes and shoes his daughter was wearing on April 9, Mario Escobar said, “I apologize to my family for believing the Prosecutor’s Office, it’s been days and the Prosecutor’s Office didn’t do its job right.” disappeared.

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“My wife and my heart asked and asked. My daughter died and I don’t know what to do, I was upset because I was wrong, I believed in the prosecution, They never gave me the volumes, I asked for copies, this is my right as a victim, I never got it. They did not do their duty,” he continued at the press conference he gave earlier this Friday.

Impressed by the finding, Mario Ecobar denounced that the authorities did not give him the corresponding copies of his daughter’s case file and did not allow the authorities to enter the area to view her work.

“I demand justice to be clarified why Debanhi disappeared, at what moment they knew and didn’t tell us. When we got here, they didn’t give us the area to observe, a few meters away, here, in an area behind this fence. They don’t let us in, they don’t let us know anything. “They didn’t give any information, maybe because they don’t have a daughter. Put yourself in our shoes and feel what we feel,” he said.

“Forgive me, that’s all I have to say,” she said through tears.

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Source: Exame

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