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This is the new category section that appears in the Netflix app on Smart TV.


In recent days, Netflix has been on the front page, and not because of the premiere of any movie or series breaking records, but because of the significant loss of subscribers in the last financial quarter and with its future intention to block general accounts and even offer an ad-supported subscription with a cheaper plan.

But while all these things are happening, the company continues to work on providing its various applications for mobile phones, game consoles, TVs or other devices with new features that allow us to better navigate the application to find the content we are looking for.

It’s not a new complaint that much of the community is having a hard time finding interesting content in various menus, especially if you’re using the Netflix TV app, which includes recommended content, popular categories, series and movies we’re already watching, and news. between endless rows.


Netflix announced the premiere new category section in the application menu for smart TVs so now it will be easier for users to find their favorite genres and discover new categories of movies, series and documentaries at the same time.

For those smart TVs that are getting the new Netflix app update, you will already find this section in the menu that appears on the left, both in adult and child profiles, and where we will see our three favorite categories so we can go directly to them.

In addition, collections dedicated to the celebration of holidays such as Earth Day or International Women’s Day will be included, as well as categories that are popular around the world.

And the thing is, Netflix has a huge amount of content, a huge drawer that sometimes makes it really hard to find a series or movie that is really worth it, so this section could better help us find what we want.

Source: Computer Hoy

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