‘ conceptmetadata store‘ undoubtedly opened a new panorama for technology lovers and companies interested in the new forms of interaction that will be introduced in the future.

Now, other companies are also creating their own ‘metaverse’ and that’s the case. Epic Gamesa company known to have Video games like Fornite, Fall Guys, Far Cry, among others.

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Epic Games recently announced that it has received a significant investment of $2,000 million, which will be used to develop its own metaverse.

Sony and Kirkbi were the investors who bet on this new venture of the company, and while the latter is not very well known, it is the financial firm behind The Lego Group.

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The investment was split evenly and the two companies contributed 1 billion million. Although it’s a lot of money, Epic Games doesn’t understand its independence and now its post-investment value has risen to $31.5 billion.

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