How to record the screen of your Realme phone with audio and video without installing any application?

The Asian manufacturer has become one of the best brands to bet on when buying mobile phones and other devices. And the assortment offers great value for money. Not to mention that there are many Here are the tricks you can use to get the most out of your Realme phone.

The manufacturer wanted to customize its interface to offer all sorts of hidden options to squeeze the possibilities of your smartphone. For example, we already told you the steps you need to follow to enable the smart sidebar on your Realme, or how to open apps or perform actions when the screen is off. Tricks for Realme It’s very simple to do and it makes things easy for you.

So today we want to show you an f.A hidden function in the phone settings menu that will allow you to record the screen in a different way. More than anything, because you will be able to add sound via the microphone and even record yourself using the front camera.

A very useful trick that can help you create a personalized tutorial. Yes, at that moment, your mother or spouse asks you for help because they do not know how to do something with the on-duty application. simply you record a personalized video and follow the steps.

Record screen with audio by following these steps

Remember that the steps you need to follow to be able to screen record your phone are very simple, so in a few seconds you will have everything configured in the simplest way possible to create tutorials or any other video.

  • The first thing you need to do is go to the Phone Settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Once inside you have to go to the Practical tools option.
  • When you enter this section, click on the Screen Recording option.
  • Once in, if you want to record audio as well or see your face during training, select the options that interest you, such as Record audio from microphone or Front camera.

As you can see, this hidden number in realme UISpecial interface for Asian manufacturer’s phones allows you to record tutorials or record your phone’s screen in a different way.
We invite you to try different combinations with or without the front camera so that you can see the possibilities offered by this free tool on your phone.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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