The moment has come. A few months ago we informed you that the first preview version of Android 13 is already available. Today, however, the story is a little different: first public beta version of the operating system finally saw the light. If you are a technology enthusiast, Google already allows you to install this version of Android 13 on your Pixel mobile phone without any problems.

Of course, remember that this is the developer version. So when installing this first Android 13 beta it is likely that you will encounter a bug during your experience with the new system. If you want to keep your data safe, be sure to back up before installing.

Want to download the first Android 13 beta? First you will need to register with Google Beta Program. After registering the platform tell you if your devices are compatible with available operating system versions. If the answer is yes, you just need to download it and register.

The Pixel Android Beta Program gives you easy access to Android previews and is the best way to test our new features. Your feedback will help us identify and fix issues and improve the platform. Registered devices will automatically receive updates to the latest beta version of Android.

Google, the Android beta testing program

What’s New in Android 13 Beta 1

Obviously this is the first beta of Android 13. Google loaded it with important news. So far, it seems like most of it is focused on the privacy section; and the thing is, Google seems to have improved media file permissions in their first Android 13 beta. Now you can offer apps “extra permissions” so not all Black and white.

These permissions are reported Gizmodo, have been divided into three different sections: images, video and audio. When you install a new app, you will need to grant the app access – or not – to these permissions. Yes, now you will see more pop-ups, but at least this is the operating system asking for your consent.

On the other side, Google added MIDI 2.0 to Android 13. Thus, all peripherals that use this specification to improve their audio capabilities will be compatible with the new operating system. Keystore and KeyMint have also been updated. Both cryptographic tools now offer improved key generation.

Other details about the new version

The new version of Android 13 has better graphics. Google managed to make system icons well adapted to the Material-You aesthetic offered by the new update. Also, you can turn off notifications before they arrive, and this seems to work the same way as the permissions we explained above.

android 13 includes new Quick Settings API. This way you can more easily find out which applications are compatible with Quick Tiles.

Remember that this is not the final version of the operating system. If you choose to install this first beta of Android 13, you may end up with a not-so-pleasant experience. However, it will improve over time. Google I/O 2022 will start on May event where we will see many other new features of the Mountain View operating system.

As we mentioned before, if you want to try new features, you will need to enroll in the android beta testing program. If you’re already a part of it, the new Android 13 update should be coming to your device soon via OTA.

Source: Hiper Textual

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