Trent Film has released the official Italian trailer for: Bad Roads – The Roads of Donbassmulti-award-winning film by Natalya Vorozhbit, which will hit Italian cinemas from 28 April.

Presented at the 35th Critics’ Week in Venice 2020 – where it was awarded the Circolo del Cinema di Verona Award – the film is based on the play of the same director by the same director (you can see the trailer below of the version being staged on the Royal Court Theatre), now represented in the squares and theaters of European capitals, and was also selected by Ukraine as Best International Film at the 2022 Oscars.

In a documentary style, Bad Roads – The Roads of Donbass tells four different answers that people can give to survive the chaos of war through as many stories about a sometimes absurd daily life that takes place along the roads of Donbass, a region in the eastern Ukraine, in the midst of the conflict that began in 2014.

Central to the plot are four stories of love, hate, trust, betrayal and violation of personal boundaries, projected against the background of the violation of national boundaries: four stories that seem different and separate, in reality united by the flow of the story of a single great common destiny. A world where there seems to be no tomorrow, but where not everyone is helpless and miserable and even the most innocent victims can suddenly take control.

The back roads of my film take us to conflict zones, where people living in fear and hatred have learned to deal with terrible situations and found extraordinary ways to emerge as survivors. The film describes the violence that comes out of nowhere and provokes a major conflict. I always try to capture ambiguity and use irony in even the most difficult of stories. If we only talk about scary things in a scary way, we’re only repeating the obvious. With Bad Roads, I want to scare those who think this war is far from them and none of their business. War is near, you are never ready.

director Natalya Vorozhbit said in 2020.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia on February 24, 2022 interrupted the shooting of the director’s second film, “Demons”, which also focuses on the relationship between Russia and Ukraine. On social media, Natalya Vorozhbit recently stated:

I hoped my Bad Roads work would only have value as a reflection of the past and I’m not satisfied with its relevance at the moment.

This is the summary of the movie:
Four bad roads. Four stories of love, hate, trust, betrayal and violation of personal boundaries projected against the background of the violation of national borders: a school principal is blocked at a checkpoint; a girl is waiting for her boyfriend at a bus stop with some friends; a journalist is kidnapped by a violent militant; a woman drives over a farm couple’s chicken and tries every possible way to apologize.

Source: Lega Nerd

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