Sony has bought the rights to some of Konami’s most important IPs», This is the rumor that has appeared on the net in these hours. At this point, only one post has been shared on Reddit and Twitter, but it has been taken over by the industry’s major newspapers. In short, no official confirmation.

Playstation privately bought the rights to a top-rated Konami IP. This could be the title I referenced in my previous leaks

we read in a message published by VGnewsinsider The leaker has not yet named the possible IP parties to the agreement. It goes without saying that users usually envisage an acquisition of rights to franchises of the caliber of Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill

Also according to the thesis, Playstation could present the first game that is part of the agreement as early as 2022. VGnewsinsider has promised that by next week “it will provide more information”.

As for the “previous leaks,” VGnewsinsider had argued in the past that a long-abandoned video game franchise would return in 2022. Information that doesn’t tell us much, as Silent Hill and MGS haven’t seen each other for quite a few years.

The last video game of the horror saga Silent Hill dates back to 2012. The project to produce a new chapter of the series exclusively for Playstation 4 instead foundered between 2014 and 2015.

Source: Lega Nerd

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