TechCrunch, citing Indian government portal Vahan, reported that the country is well on its way to expanding its consumer and automotive base and creating local manufacturing facilities that have flourished over the last 20 years. Considering the country’s population density, the government is taking measures to combat environmental pollution.

In search of alternative energy sources, Indian drivers are increasingly choosing electric vehicles. And it turns out that India, apart from being one of the biggest players in the global automobile industry, is also the world’s largest producer of two- and three-wheelers.

Approximately 24 million cars were sold in India in 2023; more than 1.5 million of these were electric vehicles; 6.35% of the total, including 813 thousand two-wheeled electric vehicles. At the same time, electric car sales rose almost 47% from the 1.03 million sold last year. According to the Vahan portal, even more four-wheeled vehicles will be added to the vehicle group produced in 2024, which will be decisive.

In this context, the Indian market points in the same direction as China; There is a constant expansion of potential.

Source: Ferra

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