If you are thinking of buying some new wireless headphones that offer you good sound quality and are suitable for use with almost any sound source, you should know that, HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless. And the truth is, it’s a great choice for whatever they have to offer.

This is a headband type accessory (weighing 322 grams, this is not barbaric) with a high-quality coating in which metal is not missing and foam cups perfectly adapted to the needs of the wearer. They obviously use wireless technology 2.4 GHz to communicate without being tied to cables, and the maximum distance reached by the signal is not less than twenty meters.

Excellent quality in this HyperX

There is no detail that you would stop listening to if you use these helmets because, among other things, they can work with a helmet. Frequency ranging from 15 to 21,000 HzCombined with an impedance of 62 ohms and a sensitivity of 103 dBSPL/mW, superb definition is achieved with any content.

It’s also not devoid of neodymium magnets, with 50-millimeter drivers that fit your hand like a glove, allowing you to define everything heard to the maximum. dual camera technology adequately disperses all reproduced frequencies. So it’s no exaggeration to say that this HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless can provide immersive sound and you will definitely enjoy this 100% in games.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Headphones - Black


Its autonomy is amazing

This is something that makes this product different, because they can use the helmets we mentioned, thanks to the good performance from its rechargeable battery. up to 300 hours with just one charge. This is an almost impossible mark on any type of device and a very clear reason to buy. By the way, you only need 4.5 hours to complete a full charge, which is not much considering the above.

This HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless is not without an integrating possibility. bidirectional microphone Approved for platforms like Discord. Also, the quality of this accessory is really good, as it contains a capacitor and the frequency response is in the range of 50 to 7.2 kHz. As for the price; 229.99 € and they can already be obtained in Spain. A great option for those who want headphones for everything, and in addition to this, excellent quality.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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