Yandex discontinued the development of the Yandex.Q question and answer service. As of June 28, it will not be possible to publish new materials on it, and it will go to “reading mode”. “Q” will become a “museum of content”, noted in “Yandex”.

“Yandex” suspended the development of the question and answer service “Yandex.Q”

Questions and answers service (questions and answers) “Yandex.Q” discontinues development. This became known from the message of the press service of “Yandex”.

“On June 28, 2023, Q will enter read mode. This means that from this day it will no longer be possible to post new materials on the service,” the message reads.

All content created before June 28 will remain on the service’s website and will become a “content museum,” Yandex noted.

The parent of Yandex.Q is the TheQuestion service. Investments to launch the project in early 2015 amounted to around $1 million. Yandex bought TheQuestion in early 2019, when its audience reached almost 10 million users per month.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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