The developers of cybersecurity tools propose the use of native cryptographic standards on mobile devices by 2030. Now these standards are mainly applied in government information systems. However, the deployment of Russian cryptography on cellular networks will require hardware changes to the devices. Experts explain that software support for GOST cryptography is possible, but full integration requires Russian operating systems.

The information security working group proposed to include in the strategy for the development of the communications industry in Russia the requirement to introduce domestic standards of cryptographic protection in subscriber devices by 2030. The initiative will be reviewed at the upcoming policy meeting. The Ministry of Digital Development said the initiative needs to be discussed further.

Now Russian cryptography standards are used mainly in government information systems. However, their widespread application is hampered by the lack of Russian developments in international standards of telecommunication protocols. Replacing foreign equipment with Russian will not solve the problem, since full integration of hardware is required. Lack of personnel is also an obstacle to replacing existing equipment.

The proposal to implement Russian cryptography in mobile browsers and applications requires software changes, but also hardware changes, such as network functions, flashing communication modules, and adding Russian certificates. Experts note that the full implementation of Russian encryption standards is a complex task that requires the joint work of software and hardware developers.

The proposal of the working group on the introduction of domestic cryptographic standards requires more specific wording. Developers of software solutions are already creating crypto providers with Russian algorithms, but there are already enough software solutions for general civilian use. Plans for finalizing the strategy will be discussed at the next session, where decisions about incorporating suggestions from working groups into the strategy will be made.

Source: Ferra

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