Comfortable, but at the same time roomy backpack, with entertainment it is pleasant to walk every day, it is very difficult to find. On the trading floor you can find a variety of models, which, in fact, are only nameplates and fleeting pockets.

Personally, I tried dozens of different backpacks, I found the very real one that would be:

a) roomy enough for my macbook, accessories and gadgets
b) non-staining and waterproof, so as not to be afraid of rain
c) sat comfortably on his back, did not pull his shoulders and did not spoil his posture
d) there were different pockets for change and cards

Been using the Thule urban model for the past few years, but travel time is merciless with this backpack. The lining was worn to holes, the plastic tongues on the dogs all fell off, and in general the backpack already looked beaten by life.

So I found my new perfect urban backpack. It answers all requests that are higher, the main thing is that 2998 rubles are written, unlike most models, more expensive models.

So tell me, isn’t he perfect?

The best city backpack you can buy right now

The model is called Rittlekors Gear RG9227 and is made in China for free. However, unlike other Chinese handicrafts, really high-quality materials are used in the production of this brand, so the backpack does not require a shape, does not crack in the cold, and the accessories work flawlessly for many years.

I was convinced of this myself when I saw a friend with such a backpack and asked to test it.

The backpack has a comfortable ventilated back and straps, so that the back and shoulders do not sweat. The large compartment has several pockets for things and accessories and two compartments for a tablet with a laptop.

In the back there is a secret pocket for money and documents, on the right strap there are convenient pockets for a travel card, and in the back there is a magazine or a folder with documents, which is especially touching. I don’t often see this in urban backpacks.

The base material made by Rittlekors Gear RG9227 is ballistic nylon which is very difficult to cut. In addition, special impregnation gives this material reliable moisture protection.

When moving, you can connect an external battery to the backpack and charge your smartphone on the go using an external USB. You can put the gadget in a special pocket at the base of its strap, so as not to hold it in your hand while charging. Well, it’s all thought out.

Three colors are available, light grey, dark grey, and black. I ordered dark grey. The dimensions of the backpack are ideal: 45 x 29 x 15 cm, volume 19 liters, weight 900 grams. It will fit a laptop with a diagonal of up to 16 inches, wires, a sofa, a bottle of water, and more space for various small things.

Reviews also speak for the quality: there is not a single bad one. Definitely, it is necessary to take, and even for 2998 rubles. And you don’t need to wait a few weeks from China, they will bring it even tomorrow.

Source: Iphones RU

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