Replacing flavanol deficiencies with mild flavanol deficiencies in adults over 60 improves test scores for memory loss, according to a new study. This work is based on over 15 years of scientific work by Small’s lab. A team of experts tested the effects of flavanols first in mice, then in humans.

It turns out that flavanols improve memory because they act selectively on the brain region associated with cognitive aging. They had the greatest impact on people who started a low-quality diet.

In the study, more than 3,500 healthy older adults were randomly assigned to receive either a daily supplement of flavanols (in tablet form) or a placebo. They took everything for three years. The active supplement contained 500 mg of flavanols, including 80 mg of epicatechin. It is recommended that adults take this amount from the products.

In people who already followed a diet high in flavanols, their memory scores did not improve significantly at the end. At the same time, at the end of the first year, people who initially followed a leaner diet and followed a diet with lower flavanol levels improved their memory performance by an average of 10.5% compared to the placebo group and 16% compared to the placebo group. base memory level. It also turned out that this improvement continued for at least two more years.

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Source: Ferra

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