Kaspersky Lab spoke about a previously unknown hacking of iPhones through iMessage.

According to experts, before the device is hacked, an iMessage is received with the headquarters subject to the exploit. This is a solution to the problem of malicious code, even if the user did not interact with the input in any way.

This code downloads other elements of virus triangulation, including additional exploits to gain privileges. After this appearance, all the necessary components for infection, the a posteriori message with the exploit are deleted.

The virus only works in RAM and is not installed on iOS due to system limitations. It collects environment data and transmits it to the attendance server.

With the help of this virus, iPhones of top managers and middle managers are mainly hacked. The number of devices may be infected is not specified.

The vulnerability is observed in iOS 16 and 15.7, Apple has not closed it. [Лаборатория Касперского]

Source: Iphones RU

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