According to Google Trends, the number of searches related to the word “cryptocurrency” has dropped to 2020 levels. The CoinTelegraph post attributes the decline in interest to the cost of Bitcoin, which has been flat of late.

The number of queries with the word “cryptocurrency” in Google was reduced to a minimum

The CoinTelegraph edition drew attention to the fact that the number of queries for the word “cryptocurrency” on Google dropped to 2020 levels. According to Google Trends, the term currently has only 17 popularity points out of 100.

The dynamics of the popularity of the query “cryptocurrency” on Google / Google Trends

The most popular query for “cryptocurrencies” was in May 2021, when Bitcoin was at its peak. The sharp drop in Google user interest in Web3 occurred in May 2022, about a month after the collapse of the Terra Luna ecosystem.

CoinTelegraph explains the drop in interest by the fact that Bitcoin will not budge from the $25-28,000 mark. The cryptocurrency has been in this state for 10 weeks. Cryptocurrency enthusiast Guy Turner, commonly known as the “coin office guy,” suggested that the drop in interest also coincides with low trading volumes from exchanges, which he says are hitting a 32-month low. .

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