The head of the department of anesthesiology and resuscitation II (cardioanesthesiology) of the Russian Surgical Scientific Center said that the most dangerous stages of anesthesia for the patient and the most dangerous for the doctor are the insertion and removal of the patient. Petrovsky, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences Boris Axelrod.

The doctor compared the three phases of anesthesia—administration, maintenance, and awakening of the patient—to the flight of an airplane. Axelrod emphasizes the importance of “take off” and “landing” in his lectures for residents. In the “horizontal” “in flight” all the tasks that surgeons set for anesthesiologists are solved. Secondly, the professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences emphasizes that it requires hours of “flying”.

Axelrod noted that the duration of anesthesia is not a risk factor at the moment, and the surgery may take 12 or 14 hours. The expert notes that only excessive depth of anesthesia worsens cognitive functions, but doctors do not need to achieve this. The risks for patients mainly lie in the operation itself.

Source: Ferra

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