Tinkoff launched a digital mortgage for new buildings, employers overpay about 3.5 trillion rubles a year due to sleepy employees, the Central Bank eased control over foreign trade operations of companies due to sanctions and other events on June 8.

Digital mortgage, overpayments for sleeping employees: the main thing June 8


  • Tinkoff has launched a digital mortgage for new buildings as part of the state support program. Clients can obtain a loan at a preferential rate of 6.7%.
  • 48% of Russian workers feel sleep deprived four days a week. As a result, due to the inefficiency of such employees, employers overpay approximately 3.5 trillion rubles a year.
  • The Central Bank, due to sanctions, has eased control over the foreign trade operations of companies. But the regulator can still distinguish commercial payments from withdrawing money abroad, RBC has learned.
  • The Kazakh government did not restrict banks from ruble transactions, said the Republic’s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Yerulan Zhamaubaev. Earlier it was reported that Russian businessmen began to face a situation where Kazakh banks do not accept payments in rubles.


  • Turkish FLO Retailing and Middle East Daher Group are negotiating the purchase of the Russian network Adidas with a German company. The deal is expected to close in the fall.
  • The partners of the closed chain of clothing stores Podium Market are trying to recover almost 1.7 billion rubles. debts, having filed for bankruptcy of the new owner of the company – Stockmann, writes RBC.
  • According to Kommersant, the American manufacturer of clothing and footwear VF Corporation (Vans brands, The North Face, etc.) decided to close its stores in the Russian Federation and transfer the local division to wholesale deliveries.


  • SSJ-100 flying hours for commercial carriers increased by nearly a third in 2022. Major airlines flew an average of eight to nine hours a day in 2022, which is close to that of Western medium-haul jets, it found. know Kommersant.


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