Presented during WWDC 2023 last week, Apple Vision Pro could get a more affordable versionThe premiere should be done in 2025. The information was released by analyst Mark Gurman on Sunday (11).

according to the journalist Bloomberg, Apple is working on a model of mixed reality glasses with basic configuration. The manufacturer’s idea is to launch an option where the newly announced device will sell for less than US$3,500 (about R$17,000 in today’s quotes).

To make the headset cheaper, big tech should bet on processors simpler than M2 and R1 chips It’s in stores in early 2024, and it’s also used in lower quality displays than 4K micro LED displays. Cameras and sensors can also be changed.

Still, according to Gurman, the Cupertino giant was considering removing the spatial audio speakers from the device, causing the owner to use their own headphones. in this way The cheapest Apple Vision Pro could see its price drop by “hundreds of dollars”.

Elements that should not be changed

On the other hand, Apple news expert says that the company believes that it will not change some key features for a good experience and keeps them in the entry model. These include the external screen showing the user’s eyes and the eye and hand tracking system.

According to Gurman, the more affordable variant of Apple’s glasses may take on names like “Apple Vision” or “Apple Vision One” to differentiate itself from the original version. He also pointed to: the company is working on the second generation Vision Pro with a more powerful processor.

Source: Tec Mundo

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