A laptop is a portable computer that can be taken anywhere, but care must be taken when choosing a suitable backpack to carry it. Laptops with larger screens up to 17 inches need larger backpacks to fit their size; for example, in addition to accessories such as a special pocket and buckle for added security.

A good laptop backpack should also include a protected compartment for the device, with a solid construction that prevents damage from impacts and other external factors.

With this in mind, TecMundo has allocated 5 models of backpacks suitable for carrying laptops up to 17.3 inches screen. To look:

1. Dell Gaming Backpack

33% Closed

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

This waterproof backpack holds laptops up to 17.3 inches

399.00 BRL

The Dell Gaming Backpack is made of durable fabric with a coating that protects against water and the elements. There’s even a rain cover for extra protection in adverse weather conditions.

The backpack has ample storage space with a deep pocket for storing accessories, a headphone hook, elastic side pockets and an interior zippered mesh pocket. It even has a reflective design that produces a rainbow hue that makes it easier to see in the dark.

2. Fashion Way Reinforced Backpack

Image: Fashion Way Reinforced Backpack
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

At 46 cm tall, it has 6 different compartments to store your laptop, notebooks, power cords, chargers and accessories.

With a simple design, Fashion Way reinforced backpack, made of 100% polyester, with side pockets, bottle holder and four large compartments, provides easy storage of notebooks up to 17 inch screen, as well as accessories and other materials.

The backpack has internal compartments for pens and cell phone, in addition to reinforced straps and special zippers.

3. Bange Waterproof Backpack

Image: Bange Waterproof Backpack
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Reinforced secondary grips, USB and headphone jack, glasses support in shoulder strap, hidden pocket in back and main pocket, dedicated compartment for laptops up to 17.3 inches

The Bange Impermeable backpack is highly reinforced and has a structure that protects the inside of the backpack, preventing the notebook from loosening and being damaged in possible impacts.

With three storage compartments, you can store your laptop, accessories and other items securely and with plenty of space. The backpack has a USB and headphone jack, allowing you to connect an extra battery to easily charge your devices.

4. Lenovo Legion Armored Gaming Backpack

Image: Lenovo Legion Armored Gaming Backpack
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Separate padded laptop compartment with extra layer of protection, water-resistant fabric and dedicated headphone, mouse and keyboard pockets

Lenovo Legion Armored Gamer Backpack has a stylish design with a robust framed EVA front shield and dual-layer protection in the PC compartment, which provides more security when storing your laptop.

With its easily accessible storage pockets, compartments for headphones, mouse and keyboard, water-resistant fabric and a padded and ventilated back, the model aims to provide more comfort when carrying it on the back.

5. Dell Pro EcoLoop Backpack

Image: Dell Pro EcoLoop Backpack
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Stylish and minimalist, this backpack is water resistant and fits 17″ laptops, premium Ballistic 840D fabric and an outer mesh made of 100% ocean plastic.

Designed with safety, convenience and sustainability in mind, the Dell EcoLoop Backpack is made from eco-friendly materials and features storage designed to accommodate 17-inch laptops. In addition to the laptop compartment, the backpack has room for accessories such as keyboard, mouse and headphones.

The stylishly designed backpack features a scratch-resistant Nylex lining that protects your laptop from bumps, scratches and spills. The main mesh on the outside of the backpack is made of 100% ocean plastic and is reused through a dyeing process that can produce up to 90% less wastewater and up to 62% less CO2 emissions after our commitment to deliver a product. safe and sustainable.

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