Within the framework of the joint project of KamAZ, Avtodor, PEK, Magnit, Gazpromneft-supply and a number of drugs of the interested company, tomorrow, 14 days, according to the author M-11, also known as Neva and communications Moscow in Petersburg, unmanned Kamaz trucks are fighting.

Unmanned trucks will carry out commercial flights and, it should be noted, the first Russian transport companies will become the best-selling cargo transportation with the ability of unmanned vehicles to operate on vehicles.

Unmanned Kamaz

As a non-transport vehicle, the truck was an unmanned Kamaz, the safety of operation of which is ensured by NAMI specialists, the task of fixing various violations in the field of traffic rules will be assigned, which is indicated on their cab and a warning – “Traffic violations are being fixed at 360”. °”.

At the same time, the Ministry of Transport specifies that attention should be paid to advanced and promising technologies in the field of autonomous transportation and cargo transportation. requirements.

Source: Tech Cult

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