In 2022, 82.5% of Russians aged 14 and over used the internet, and more than half (55.5%) benefited from it. But it’s not just a financial benefit, it’s more about the benefits of communication. 74.5% of the respondents think so. This shows that the users’ digital communication skills are highly developed, they can work with e-mail, use social networks and make Internet searches.

Online shopping ranks second in the list of benefits of the Internet. 46% of respondents mentioned this, and 44% of users said they saved money on purchases using online services. According to Rosstat, in 2022 50.1% of the population aged 15 and over shopped online.

Career opportunities are in third place in terms of the benefits of using the Internet. This was noted by almost a third (31.8%) of respondents. Perhaps the low result is due to the fact that only 19% of users make professional connections in virtual space and only 5% find higher paying jobs.

In addition, approximately 15.5% of respondents noted health benefits and 15% financial benefits. Interestingly, only 8.5% mentioned social benefits such as receiving advice or financial assistance. This is because these services are not in demand by the majority of the population. For example, entrepreneurs are more likely to get tax advice online, and women on maternity leave are more likely to get financial aid online.

According to the Institute for Statistical Research and Information Economics (ISSEK), the proportion of Russians with basic digital skills will rise from 26.1% in 2020 to 27.3% in 2022 and from 12.1% with advanced skills It rose to 13.3. However, more than 40% of the population aged 15 and over still has low digital literacy.

Source: Ferra

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