On AliExpress, you can find a lot of different things for your car that diversify its use. Today the most inexpensive accessories for car enthusiastswhich definitely grabs the attention of many. What have you chosen?

1. Protective caps for disc bolts


A set of electronic caps for bolts on car rims. 20 pieces, 5 for each. All of them made of plastic and painted in different colors.

The sets are available in black, grey, silver, red and blue. There are options for different bolt diameters: 17, 19, 21 mm.

A great way to diversify the look of your car.

▶︎ Sale: 255 140 rub.

2. DSYCAR tire valve caps


Valve caps for car tires.

made of metal, there are so many colors to choose fromamong which there are both classic black, gray and silver, as well as bright red, purple, includes, blue, cyan and so on.

Caps are sold in sets of 4.

▶︎ Sale: 140 80 rub.

3. “Pencil” Zhandian to mask chips


A wide variety of “pencils” to mask the chips that available in 13 different colors to choose from.

Of course, it is unlikely that it will work for exotic body colors, but all the main sellers offer it.

Judging by the reviews, they paint well.

▶︎ Sale: 160 95 rub.

4. Clothespin for sunglasses on the visor


Clothespin that clings to the sun visor. After that, you can attach glasses, cards, notes and so on to it.

Interestingly, clothespin doubleso you can attach a couple of items to it at once.

By the way, the seller offers four models of clothespins with shades of colors: black, silver, gold and pink.

▶︎ Sale: 150 100 rub.

5. Super soft microfiber car towel


Super soft microfiber towel specially designed for car washing. The manufacturer promises that it will not scratch the paintwork.

The seller offers 3 sizesSize: 30×30, 30×40, 30×60 cm.

Of course, separate packages are needed for different parts of the car. The first for the body, the second for mirrors and windows, the third for the interior.

▶︎ Sale: 255 175 rub.

6. Car plate with a phone number


Such a plate is created under the windshield to show your phone number of interest. This, for example, is useful if someone is propped up in a parking lot.

The plate allows show and hide phone number of necessity.

The numbers are made of fluorescent paint, which accumulates energy in the daytime and gives off in the dark.

▶︎ Sale: 145 90 rub.

7. A pair of car headrest pillows


Very good neck pillows made of eco-leather. They are attached to the headrest and tension is relieved during long hikes.

Pillows are sold in pairs. You can buy two at once: one for the front seats and one for the rear.

There is a wide variety of colors to choose from to match your vehicle, including classic black.

▶︎ Sale: 1 300 870 rub.

8. Keyrings with the state state number


Keyrings with license plates that can be customized. look funny can be bought as a gift.

In addition to key rings with license plates, you can also order options with some funny phrases.

It is important to specify the type of key fob when ordering.

▶︎ Sale: 500 350 rub.

9. “Fin” with an antenna like a BMW for any car


Attractive BMW roof fin antenna. It replaces the standard and changes the appearance of the car.

Judging by the reviews, even the FM radio reception signal improves.

Suitable for almost all cars. The main thing is that the roof should not be too attractive.

▶︎ Sale: 240 225 rub.

10. Baseus 30W Car Charger


Baseus compact car charger with a total power of up to 30 watts. It practically does not protrude from the cigarette lighter socket, so it almost does not catch the eye.

All models are equipped with a pair of ports to charge two devices at the same time. There are 3 options: USB-C + USB-C, USB-C + USB-A, USB-A + USB-A.

▶︎ Sale: 880 415 rub.

11. Metal letters and numbers on the car body


3D metal letters on double sided tapedesigned for car body. The seller offers the full Latin alphabet, as well as numbers and dots.

In addition to classic chrome, black ones are also found, which are more appropriate on selective color cars.

▶︎ Sale: 95 60 rub.

12. Universal car holder Baseus


Universal car holder that fits any smartphone. He expands and clamps the device according to the vise recipe.

A characteristic feature of the installation in the air duct curtains of the climate control system and a very good improvement with its duties.

▶︎ Sale: 1080 660 rub.

13. Universal holder for anything and everything


The manufacturer positions this thing as a plastic holder for a sofa in a car.

However, practice shows that it can be used not only there and for many other criminals.

▶︎ Sale: 210 130 rub.

14. Stretch mesh for easy storage


Velcro nets in the range, which make it possible to link the little things in the trunk and other places of the car interior.

There is a whole a scattering of patterns that matter in size: 25×25, 25×30, 25×40, 25×50, 25×60, 25×80 cm.

▶︎ Sale: 420 250 rub.

15. Convenient cup holder for climate curtain


A good accessory for technology, there are few cup holders or they are not provided in the car at all.

This particular installed in air duct curtains air conditioning systems. The solution is interesting, because it heats or cools the drink depending on the season.

Judging by the reviews, the quality is normal. However, it is obvious that such accessories will be bought for the Soviet automobile industry and old foreign cars.

▶︎ Sale: 280 190 rub.

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