At the Paris Air Show 2023 international airport, the Israeli company Elbit Systems has dedicated one of the most powerful Nano SPEAR counters.

Rigid aircraft and air defense means is a kind of race where there is not and cannot be a permanent leader: as soon as new types of combat aircraft take off, the same air defense “pulls up” behind them with more than maneuverable smart missiles and detection tools. In response, aircraft manufacturers have equipped it with electronic countermeasures (ECM).

The Nano SPEAR system is a drone with retractable wings weighing 800 grams. Inside the case is an advanced digital receiver and jammer.

Nano SPEAR is used as a trap for missiles with radar research systems. When a manifestation of such a missile occurs, the drone trap shoots back from scattering, detecting a missile in it. myself.

Source: Tech Cult

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