According to the expert, after 20 years the brain is already maturing, and its resources are directed to develop already formed neural networks. However, this does not mean that it is no longer possible to learn anything. You need enough motivation.

“New energy-intensive processes must justify goals and be strongly motivated. For example, a person lost his job, his professional skills are not in demand. This can result in loss of social status and the family is in danger of falling apart. The way out is to master a new professional skill or develop yourself within the framework of existing knowledge (improving the language, improving the skills of the lecturer, learning the amount of relevant and socially important knowledge, etc.). In this regard, processes at the level of a network of neurons (trained cells), processes necessary for the formation of new connections and, most importantly, for recruitment in the interests of a new “target” become possible. cries. Education at this age is going well, but it is already rational. A person (nervous system) is trying to use the accumulated patterns,” he said.

Source: Ferra

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